House Calls

What do you do if you are renting out your apartment and an emergency arises for your guests? For instance if your guests experience trouble with the television, the internet breaks down or perhaps even if a water pipe bursts?

When renting out an apartment in Copenhagen to tourists from all over the globe and a situation like this arises, the guests do not often have a way of knowing how to handle the problem. In case you are on holiday on the other side of the planet, you are probably not able to swing by the apartment and give a hand.

If you rent out your apartment for extended periods, our house call service is an excellent choice for you. We are able to pay a visit to your guests and if the problem is beyond our ability, we can call for external assistance.


  • Be sure that your guests know who to contact in case of emergencies
  • If we cannot help, we will call a professional services
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