Østerbro is known for being a quiet and rather affluent area of Copenhagen. A lot of families call Østerbro home and enjoy the relative quietness of Østerbro while also being only a short bike ride away from the busy streets of the City Centre.

The main street in the district, Østerbrogade, can however be quite busy and is also the main shopping street in Østerbro. All along the street leading towards Hellerup, you will find an abundance of stores and shops.

One of the largest and most popular parks in all of Copenhagen, Fælledparken, is also located in Østerbro. There are often events and other happenings in Fælledparken. Within Fælledparken itself, the Danish National Stadium, Parken, is also located, where international and national football, as well as concerts and other events take place. During the summer, Svanemølle Beach is definitely worth a visit in case you need cooling off.


  • Østerbro is located just North of the City Centre bordering Nørrebro and Hellerup as well
  • Østerbro is tradtionally home to affluent families with children
  • Because of Østerbro's affluent population, there are countless designer stores and outlets
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