Christianshavn is located within the City Centre itself toward Amager to the South-East. Christianshavn however has a very distinct atmosphere from the rest of the City Centre.

Christianshavn is encircled by ramparts and canals and is a very popular area among Copenhageners for a night out or a visit to the many cafés around Christianshavn Torv.

The main attraction in Christianshavn is without a doubt Freetown Christiania, which is also one of the most popular attractions in all of Copenhagen. The Church of Our Saviour offers one of the best views Christianshavn, the City Centre and Amager. Restaurant Noma, which was honoured as the world's best restaurant in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, is also located in Christianshavn.


  • Christianshavn was originally founded as a merchant's quarter in the 17th century, but was soon integrated into the city itself
  • Even though Christianshavn eventuelly turned into a worker's neighbourhood, it is now a fashionable and rather affluent part of Copenhagen
  • The main attractions in Christianshavn include Christiania, the Opera House, the Danish Architecture Centre and the Church of our Savior
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