Amager is the large island which is partly occupied by Copenhagen and several neighbourhods for example Islands Brygge, Amagerbro, Ørestaden and Sundbyerne. In the central neighbourhoods on Amager such as Amagerbro and Islands Brygge, it is very easy to get into the City Centre - A short walk across the bridge Langebro and you will find yourself in the heart of Copenhagen

The main street of Amager is Amagerbrogade, where there are plenty of shops, cafés, restaurants and fast food parlours. On the east side of Amager you will find Amager Beach Park, where you will almost feel like you are in Miami.

Amager is also home to Ørestaden, which is a fairly new neighbourhood in Copenhagen, which is known for its modern and innovative architecture. There are also some very pleasant green areas in Amager, such as Amager Fælled and Kalvebod Fælled a bit further away from the city.


  • Copenhagen Airport is located in the residential area of Kastrup on Amager
  • Main points of interest include the National Aquarium Denmark, The Bella Centre and Amager Beach
  • Both Metro lines go straight through Amager, so public transport ist very easy
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